Starting over… well, a reset!

It’s been a while since I had a site that was maintained but I figured now would a great time to do so. The past year has been quite amazing. Lots of lessons learned both professionally and personally. As we head towards the beginning of a new year I reflect on these lessons.

My personal life has had all sorts of ups and downs but all with incredible growth. In the fall of 2021 I met my coach and mentor Ladd Richland. Working with him for the past year has changed so many facets of my life and I can’t put into words how transformative the experience has been. If any of you have considered working with a coach or mentor I have to say it’s a game changer. He’s helped me change the way I experience life and this has set a new trajectory in my life.

With these internal shifts I’ve had my career blossom and learned to find a confidence within that had been blurred through the years. I’m still working on some things and loving challenges as they arrive. I’ve also realized that it was time to simplify some things. In 2014/2015 I created a moniker called Diskode after I left the Wild Boyz! I never really gave Diskode enough attention and it always felt a bit disconnected. I also was going through a great deal of personal things, divorce, moving to a new city, changing career fields, etc. After going through a recent breakup I took an inventory of all the areas in my life; personal, profession, and other interests. It all felt off and I decided to simplify it all.

Simplification meant cutting things out and focusing on the core things that give me joy in my life. I love my career in Esports and music is still a great release for me. I was looking back through my music catalog and thought, why not just be Jared again. All of my personal growth has been to reconnect with who I am and want to be. So… Jared F it is! One of my best friends met me as my career in nightlife was winding down and after my ‘hay day’ as a DJ and when she heard a mix from the Secret Service LBC Haunted Halloween she told me, “how have I been friends with you for 6 years and not realized you were a badass DJ!” Flattery aside it was another sign.

So yeah, now I’m just gonna be using Jared F for everything. I’ll be starting to stream Wednesdays around 5:30 pm PST and just DJing for a few hours to start. Come by hop in chat and dance in your kitchen, office, or groove in your car on your way home.